Mar 2, 2011

Upcycling, Recycling- Is this just a Fad, a Fashion statement or for REAL people

Recycling, Upcycling, Retrofitting, these terms have become the rage now. Most sceptics consider this to be a passing fad, nice concept etc etc.

But honestly do you think so?

I feel it's here to stay and for reasons other than "being sensitive to the planet", "avoiding wastage" etc etc. How do I put it in a nut shell, I'm runnig out of short sentences but my head is brimmimng with the excitement of it all. Let me try.

But before I do that let me present some eye candy from Design Sponge and Cottagehill. Design Sponge has painstakingly collected a large collection of Upcycled Pieces made byyyyyy...... professional Architects & Interior Designers like me ;)


NOOOOOOO, just people who were inspired.

Images from Design Sponge, Cottagehill

A whole world has opened to all those yearning to be creative but lacking the materials, machinery, tools that are available to larger businesses. By recycling, the creative home dweller is able to capitalize on the frame work that the larger businesses have made and convert old pieces they are bored with into very indvidual statements of art using tools available to the average home owner.

This is not just "Living Green" but most exciting of all, has caused each person's creativity lending ideas to another person and so on akin to a chain reaction. So we have now creativity and ideas expoteniating at such a rapid pace that it is impossible for larger businesses to match or keep up as there is much variety and indviduality which is otherwise called "customization" in the business world.

So what do we have now?!!

We have a huge burgeoning handmade market by young married couples, dads, moms, sisters, brothers selling either lovely very creative, indvidual upcycled goods or DIY Books. Many are hungrily devouring these and creating their own in materials they are comfortable working with.

If the term upcycling had not become the "Fashion" thing, hand crafters would have shyed from selling creatively upcycled goodies.

And so now:

-We have such a variety of handmades as every one is pushing their creative minds.

-Unused Stuff we have around the house is used to make exciting pieces. We are now looking at our drab furniture pieces with renewed excitement and hope. Now we can retrofit our pieces to something really personalized and groovy, without shelling out all that money we really dont have.

-We dont have to go hunting around for materials and frame works that most likely will not be available to us or possible for us to build with using our limited skills and tools.

-Wastage is reduced and we are "Living Green"

And the part that takes the cake, "The satisfaction of creating."

Hope I've inspired you !!!!

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