Mar 14, 2011

Solar or Nuclear

What has happened to Japan is heart rending especially considering how focused and diligent, the country is on flawless technology, production and construction.

The sea just came in and swallowed many years of hardwork and diligence.

What is most distressing of all is the nightmare they continue to face from those many nuclear plants that were their source for electricity. Cant help wondering how justifiable is it for modern soceities to choose such volatile and hazardous sources of fuel.

Really, what are we banking on ....that there never will be any natural disasters or that if there are- we can control, tame, build to resist them. Haven't all natural disasters proven otherwise!!..Yet we continue to ignore and forget these incidents and push in and stretch and rationalize everything in terms of the benefits, volumes, money, common good etc etc.

Can't help thinking that if 40 odd years back, we had focused on harnessing the "no side effects" solar energy placed freely by our darling Creator ,Japan would'nt have been in this nuclear mess now. Yes, those unfortunate homes and people that were swept away would have been lost for ever but those who survived could have picked themselves up and confidently build their lives again instead of worrying if the worse is yet to come.

What do you say?!!!!


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