Nov 25, 2011

Simple Steps Toward Sustainable Lighting

Please welcome Fred Bass - Managing Director of Neonlite International Limited, the brand owner of MEGAMAN®

These days, environmentally conscious design techniques are the foundation of any good new build scheme. However, even in retrofits, there is the opportunity to increase the sustainable credentials of the project by focusing attention on the lighting within the structure. Simple changes in lighting can have significant long-term environmental and cost savings and far outweigh their short-term expense. Here are some snapshots from around the world of sustainable lighting in action:

Dutch Green Home - MEGAMAN® has recently been working with Dutch architects on an eco-home in Soestduinen, Netherlands. The Green Home is kitted out with the latest in energy efficient technology and has MEGAMAN® lighting products throughout from low-heat emitting 15 watt LED reflectors in the wine cellar, 7 watt LED reflectors to distribute an ambient light over pieces of art, to the ultra slim GX53 CFL series that have been used for mood lighting throughout the office and bedroom areas. The efficient and eco-friendly MEGAMAN® lighting scheme is estimated to save the home owner £130,000 over the lamp’s lifetime – the equivalent of ten years. Compared to a traditional lighting scheme, the eco-friendly alternative shall save an estimated quarter of a million kilograms of CO2.

Luxury Hotel Refurbishment - The Altira Macau, formerly Crown Macau, underwent a major refurbishment in 2009 and since this time, the energy efficient measures that were introduced to the hotel’s lighting have been monitored – the results speak for themselves. Thanks to innovative lamp technology from MEGAMAN®, Altira Macau’s lighting now consumes 81% less energy than previously, produces 81% less CO2 and, to date, not one lamp has needed replacing.

Since the start of the refurbishment, over two thousand MEGAMAN® lamps have been installed in different areas of the hotel and, with a lamp life of over 10,000 hours for its dimmable energy saving lamps and 25,000 hours for the company’s LED lamps the frequency of re-lamping throughout the hotel has been greatly reduced.

Why LEDs? LEDs typically last 30,000 to 50,000 hours, compared to roughly 1,000 hours for incandescent light bulbs, and use 80% less power than halogen equivalents. Although the initial investment is higher, LEDs are more cost efficient over their life-time. They will last many more years in normal use and use 80% less power than incandescents thus saving a significant amount on electricity bills, many times more than the difference in purchase price. With LED technology constantly improving, the age of LEDs being viewed as ‘specialist’ has long passed. As with The Green Home in the Netherlands, MEGAMAN® LEDs and CFLs offer significant environmental benefits, and being flexible and multiuse, they offer significant saving on the ever-increasing electricity bills of today. For more information, visit our website at

About MEGAMAN® MEGAMAN® is a respected and successful global brand that leads in designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative, eco-friendly, energy saving lamps. Offering over 400 different products to 90+ countries across the globe, MEGAMAN® has been built on the ability of its lamps to deliver substantial benefits to a wide range of customers while improving quality of life and conserving the environment.

Fred Bass, Managing Director of Neonlite International Limited

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