Dec 13, 2010

Going Solar for homes -1

One of the weekend getaway projects I have been working on is nearly over and was feeling rather happy with some of the green principles we were able to bring in. My clients were also sensitive and passionate about "living green", so much so that the workers were asked to striclty keep all plastics in a seperate pile without littering the open virgin land during the construction phase.

The country burnt bricks were from nearby villages and hardwood for the doors/windows were from bilwaram trees grown locally and apparently easily replenishable. Most rooms are spanned by large deep porches and almost every space has plenty of natural light and ventilation.(Plans below)

The views from all the windows are fabulous with green hills in the horizon. Of course I would have loved to have full length wall to wall glass openings to capture all that beauty. But my client knew better of their budgetary and practical limitations and so sigh! we had to settle with half length windows. The floors are wrapped in lovely terracotta tiles again brought in from nearby villages.

What takes the cake in this home is the solar powered borewell motor. (Image below) A few of the lights and fans are also solar powered. Now about the economies and facts on fitting solar panels in Indian homes, wait for my next post....ta daaaa.


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