Nov 19, 2010

Sustainable living is uber fun

The last couple of weeks has found me lost and dreamy eyed in the crafty world of upcycling and recycling home decor and apparel. Traversed through several gifted women's crafty blogs that never seem to run out of fun upcycling and recycling ideas. Realized that the possibilities are endless and have started looking at our old T-Shirts and other apparel with new eyes and plenty of ideas to upcycle into fun hip clothing and accessories.

I know, I know you dear reader are propably wondering what all of this has to do with Sustainable Architecture. Well, as we said and realized in the earlier posts that a lifestyle also counts, felt that it would be a great idea to bring in a lil peek into the impact these amazing ladies are making with their lovely ideas. Some of my favs. are listed at the end of this blog post.

Apparel and accessories is one major area where most of us succumb to the never ending gratification of laying hands on more and more either because we are easily and quickly bored with our current clothes or because fashion trends change fast and most of us are drawn towards the "newer" and the "trendier". Well, what if you could take a second look at something from your wardrobe that you'd like to throw away to be able to refashion into something else new and trendy.

Yes, yes that's possible. Thats exactly what these lovely ladies share so freely in their crafty blogs. There are tons and tons of recycling, upcycling tutorials out there for the uninitiated. Well, I dived in for the first time and transformed my 2 yr old almost trashed construction site wedges into a funkier version. The soles were intact and only the top cover was frayed and peeling.

Well, voila with some inspiration from this crafty lady and some paint I converted 'em wedges into this. Ps. the straps are cut from an old T'shirt.

Hope you are as inspired as I am to take a second look at those old clothes and accessories with a pledge to apply sustainability.

Great ideas available here:

Ruffles & Stuff

Made By Lex

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