Oct 14, 2010

Sustainable Living and Design for existing structures-1

So you built your dream home in the past and now with all the “green” awareness, you realize your house is not sustainable at all and would very much like to do your bit, and are rather stuck. That’s how I felt and especially more, mine being an architect’s residence. Whilst I couldn’t break and reconstruct the structure costing even more wastage, the one area amends could be made and the most powerful I realized was in Energy and Water management like this barn makeover in Netherlands featured in Apartment Theraphy. Photo Credit - Apartment Theraphy. Greening the roof and restructuring the landscape in the garden were other ideas that popped into my mind. Still not satisfied began to realize that really to be honestly “green” also meant living “green”. This got me thinking every time I shopped and received stuff in well packages boxes and plastic covers with lovely tags and began to realize thanks to crafty blogs that the potential was huge. So instead of just blindly trashing empty boxes and packets, starting stacking them in my basement and trying to find ways to reuse, embellish and use them as much as possible to meet our never ending needs instead of taking off to the nearest supermarket almost immediately we realize we needed something.

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